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The table shows the combined weather forecast for three days ahead, automatically compiled according to several independent sources. The time is local. The atmospheric pressure in mm of mercury - at the level of the city (station).
The indicators of Tef (effective temperature), Tefs (effective sun temperature) and verbal characteristics of weather comfort are given (see explanations below).

Weather in

Location of a geographical point (, ): latitude longitude height above sea level m.
Tef - Effective temperature - the temperature felt by a seasonally dressed person in the shade. The calculation takes into account the influence of humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure on the human heat perception.
Tefs - The effective sun temperature is the temperature that a person feels, adjusted for solar radiation. Depends on the amount of cloud cover and the height of the sun above the horizon. At night and in cloudy weather the correction is zero.
Weather comfort - a verbal characteristic that characterizes the favorability or unfavorability of forecast meteorological conditions for a seasonally dressed person. Both relative characteristics are used: warm, cool, cold, very cold, showing how much the expected Tef will be higher or lower than the norm, and absolute ones: the risk of sunstroke, the risk of overheating, hot, very hot, stuffy, very stuffy, comfort, the risk of colds, the risk of frostbite that occur when the Tef, Tefs, air temperature or a combination of certain criteria are reached.