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Location of Bambari (CAR): latitude 5.85 longitude 20.65 altitude 475 m.

The archive shows weather in for current week. Historical data for the entire month and the previous months, starting from January 2011, you can get by selecting a date range of interest from the drop down list and press the "Enter".

Attention! Time in the tables is UTC. To obtain the local time is necessary to add delta that in Bambari is 1 h.

Wind - the wind speed in m/s - average per 10 min, gusts during 10 min and 1-3 hours before (in curly brackets) and the direction which the wind is blowing from: N - North, NE - North-East, E - East, SE - South-East, S - South, SW - South-West, W - West, NW - North-West.
Visibility - horizontal visibility in meters or kilometers. When visibility is between 1 to 10 km in the absence of rainfall is usually observed haze in poor visibility to 1 km or less - the fog. During dry weather visibility may be affected by smoke, dust or mist.
Phenomena - atmospheric phenomena are observed at the time or during the last hour before; curly brackets denote phenomena observed between the times (1-3 hours before); square brackets denote hail or glaze deposits with their diameter in mm.
Clouds - are through slash total and lower clouds in points and height of clouds in meters, square brackets contain cloud forms: Ci - Cirrus, Cs - Cirrostratus, Cc - Cirrocumulus, Ac - Altocumulus, As - Altostratus, Sc - Stratocumulus, Ns - Nimbostratus, Cu - Cumulus, Cb - Cumulonimbus.
T - Air temperature - temperature measured at a height of 2 m above the ground.
Td - Dew point temperature - the temperature is lowered to that contained in the air, the water vapor reaches saturation.
f - Relative humidity - humidity measured at a height of 2 m above the ground.
Te - Effective temperature - the temperature that a man dressed in accordance with the season feels. Taken into account when calculating the effect of humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure on the human sensation of heat.
Tes - Effective sun temperature - the effective temperature of the sun - the temperature that a person feels, adjusted for solar radiation. Depends on the amount of cloud cover and height of the sun above the horizon. At night and in cloudy weather correction is zero.
P - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure reduced to sea level.
Po - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure measured at the station level.
Tmin - Minimum temperature - minimum air temperature at 2 m above the ground.
Tmax - Maximum temperature - maximum air temperature at 2 m above the ground.
R - Rainfall - amount of precipitation in mm.
S - Snow cover - snow depth, sm.