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Location of station Magnolia Oil Platform, Magnolia, LA: latitude 27.2000 longitude -92.2000 altitude 68 m.

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Attention! Site stores weather archive METAR in the database no more than 60 days. Does not make sense to try to select an earlier date.

Wind - the wind speed in miles per hour (average and gusts in curly brackets) and the direction which the wind is blowing from: N - North, NE - North-East, E - East, SE - South-East, S - South, SW - South-West, W - West, NW - North-West.
Visibility - horizontal visibility in miles. When visibility is between 0.6 to 6 miles in the absence of rainfall is usually observed haze in poor visibility to 0.6 miles or less - the fog. During dry weather visibility may be affected by smoke, dust or mist.
Phenomena - atmospheric phenomena observed in the specified time.
Clouds - cloud amount and height of clouds in hundreds of feet. Warning: clouds, as well as other meteorological variables in the United States measured by automatic weather stations. Values show the time during which, on average, the laser altimeter reflected from clouds back.
T - Air temperature - temperature measured at a height of about 5 ft above the ground.
Td - Dew point temperature - the temperature is lowered to that contained in the air, the water vapor reaches saturation.
f - Relative humidity - humidity measured at a height of about 5 ft above the ground.
Te - Effective temperature - the temperature that a man dressed in accordance with the season feels. Taken into account when calculating the effect of humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure on the human sensation of heat.
Tes - Effective sun temperature - the effective temperature of the sun - the temperature that a person feels, adjusted for solar radiation. Depends on the amount of cloud cover and height of the sun above the horizon. At night and in cloudy weather correction is zero.
P - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure reduced to sea level.
Po - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure measured at the station level.
Tmin - Minimim temperature - minimum air temperature at about 5 ft above the ground.
Tmax - Maximum tenperature - maximum air temperature at about 5 ft above the ground.
R - Rainfall - amount of precipitation in inches for the period of 3 or 6 hours.
S - Snow cover - snow depth, inches.