Points of extreme weather in the World
according to data of 13588 weather stations
(based on data for the time 18 UTC 20 March 2019)

Top 10 warmest places (air temperature, °C)
 64709Pala (Chad)42.4° 
 64754Am-Timan (Chad)42.2° 
 64758Mongo (Chad)41.5° 
 64706Moundou (Chad)41.0° 
 65507Fada N`Gourma (Burkina Faso)41.0° 
 61627Linguere (Senegal)41.0° 
 61630Matam (Senegal)41.0° 
 65501Dori (Burkina Faso)40.7° 
 64702Bol-Berim (Chad)40.7° 
 65046Cano (Nigeria)40.5° 


Top 10 hottest places (effective temperature,°C)
 83248Salvador (Brazil)51° 
 65202Lagos Oshodi (Nigeria)50° 
 86618Brejo Grande (Brazil)50° 
 81997Sao Luis do Qu (Brazil)49° 
 82361Tucurui (Brazil)49° 
 43352Alapuzha (India)49° 
 86639Conde (Brazil)49° 
 65469Saltpond (Ghana)49° 
 65387Lome (Togo)48° 
 83349Ilheus (Brazil)48° 


Top 10 most stuffy places (effective temperature,°C and dew point,°C)
 83248Salvador (Brazil)51°27.4° 
 65202Lagos Oshodi (Nigeria)50°27.8° 
 86618Brejo Grande (Brazil)50°26.4° 
 82361Tucurui (Brazil)49°26.5° 
 43352Alapuzha (India)49°26.0° 
 86639Conde (Brazil)49°27.3° 
 81997Sao Luis do Qu (Brazil)49°25.7° 
 65469Saltpond (Ghana)49°26.7° 
 65387Lome (Togo)48°27.1° 
 65250Port Harcourt (Nigeria)48°25.7° 


Top 10 most sultry places (effective temperature on the sun, °C)
 80139Puerto Carreno (Columbia)64° 
 78700Amapala (Honduras)61° 
 76855Puerto Angel (Mexico)60° 
 76698Felipe Carrillo Puerto (Mexico)60° 
 76903Tapachula City (Mexico)59° 
 76840Arriaga (Mexico)59° 
 76654Manzanillo (Mexico)59° 
 76311Choix (Mexico)59° 
 78735Juigalpa ()58° 
 84140Pichilingue ()57° 


Top 10 most comfortable places (effective temperature, °C)
 76612Guadalajara (Mexico)25° 
 76113Altar Son (Mexico)25° 
 80342Pasto (Columbia)25° 
 85577Santiago (Chile)25° 
 17607Athalassa (Cyprus)25° 
 63474Robe (Ethiopia)25° 
 62387Minya (Egypt)25° 
 76845Sn. Cristobal Las Casas (Mexico)25° 
 62120Gariat El-Sharghia (Libya)25° 
 83980Bage (Brazil)25° 


Top 10 driest places (air humidity, %)
 11930Lomnicky Stit (Slovakia)3% 
 64706Moundou (Chad)4% 
 64753Faya (Chad)5% 
 64751Ati (Chad)5% 
 64758Mongo (Chad)6% 
 K7BMCottonwood Pass (Colorado, USA)6% 
 06740Titlis (Switzerland)7% 
 64754Am-Timan (Chad)7% 
 61052Niamey (Niger)8% 
 KAFFColorado Springs (Colorado, USA)8% 


Top 10 coldest places (air temperature, °C)
 89828Dome C II (Antarctica)-64.4° 
 89606Vostok (Antarctica)-61.3° 
 89648Mid Point (Antarctica)-57.7° 
 89009Amundsen-Scott (Antarctica)-49.9° 
 89507Kohnen Ep9 (Antarctica)-48.1° 
 04416Summit (Greenland)-44.4° 
 25335Baimka (Russia)-42.2° 
 25428Omolon (Russia)-41.6° 
 24688Ojmjakon (Russia)-41.6° 
 24477Iema (Russia)-41.5° 


Top 10 chilly places (effective temperature, °C)
 89606Vostok (Antarctica)-77° 
 89009Amundsen-Scott (Antarctica)-65° 
 04301Kap Morris Jesup (Greenland)-57° 
 89659Priestley Glacier (Antarctica)-56° 
 89507Kohnen Ep9 (Antarctica)-54° 
 68392Nhlangano (Swaziland)-50° 
 71074Isachsen (aut) (Canada)-48° 
 25335Baimka (Russia)-48° 
 24688Ojmjakon (Russia)-47° 
 71917Eureka (Canada)-47° 


Top 10 most windy places (maximum wind speed, m/s)
 03065Cairngorm (United Kingdom)39 m/s 
 60155Casablanca (Morocco)35 m/s 
 01362Juvvasshoe (Norway)31 m/s 
 57776Nanyue (China)30 m/s 
 02102Stekenjokk (Sweden)29 m/s 
 03039Bealach Na Ba (United Kingdom)28 m/s 
 PATOPortage (Alaska, USA)27 m/s 
 08521Funchal (S.Catarina) (Portugal)27 m/s 
 01350Finsevatn (Norway)25 m/s 
 01225Veiholmen (Norway)25 m/s 



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Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Pago Pago, AS
  • Homestead, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Aquadilla, PR
  • San Juan, PR
  • 83°F / 28.4°C
  • 82°F / 28.0°C
  • 81°F / 27.2°C
  • 81°F / 27.0°C
  • 81°F / 27.0°C

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  • Pala (TD)
  • Am-Timan (TD)
  • Mongo (TD)
  • Moundou (TD)
  • Linguere (SN)
  • 42.4°C
  • 42.2°C
  • 41.5°C
  • 41.0°C
  • 41.0°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Barrow, AK
  • Nuiqsut, AK
  • Deadhorse, AK
  • Deadhorse, AK
  • Wainwright, AK
  • -17°F / -27.2°C
  • -15°F / -26.1°C
  • -13°F / -25.0°C
  • -13°F / -25.0°C
  • -13°F / -25.0°C

More info...
  • Dome C II (AY)
  • Vostok (AY)
  • Mid Point (AY)
  • Amundsen-Scott (AY)
  • Kohnen Ep9 (AY)
  • -64.4°C
  • -61.3°C
  • -57.7°C
  • -49.9°C
  • -48.1°C

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