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Points of extreme weather in the Unites States
according to data of 2213 weather stations
(based on data for the time 19 UTC 19 September 2021)

Top 10 warmest places (air temperature, °F)
 KAPYZapata County Airport (Zapata, TX)103° 
 KCOTCotulla-La Salle County Airport (Cotulla, TX)102° 
 KSSFStinson Municipal Airport (San Antonio, TX)100° 
 KEEDNeedles Airport (Needles, CA)100° 
 KNJKEl Centro Naval Air Facility (El Centro, CA)100° 
 KMNZHamilton Municipal Airport (Hamilton, TX)100° 
 KPEZPleasanton Municipal Airport (Pleasanton, TX)99° 
 KLRDLaredo International Airport (Laredo, TX)99° 
 KDRTDel Rio International Airport (Del Rio, TX)99° 
 KCVBCastroville Municipal Airport (Castroville, TX)99° 


Top 10 hottest places (effective temperature, °F)
 K96DWalhalla Municipal Airport (Walhalla, ND)131° 
 KJVWJohn Bell Williams Airport (Raymond, MS)118° 
 KBROBrownsville / South Padre Island International Airport (Brownsville, TX)117° 
 KCOFPatrick Air Force Base (Cocoa Beach, FL)115° 
 K1R7Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport (Brookhaven, MS)115° 
 KTIXSpace Coast Regional Airport (Titusville, FL)113° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)113° 
 KTFPMcCampbell-Porter Airport (Ingleside, TX)113° 
 KBCTBoca Raton Airport (Boca Raton, FL)111° 
 KMKYMarco Island Airport (Naples, FL)111° 


Top 10 most stuffy places (effective temperature,°F and dewpoint,°F)
 K96DWalhalla Municipal Airport (Walhalla, ND)131°86° 
 KJVWJohn Bell Williams Airport (Raymond, MS)118°79° 
 KBROBrownsville / South Padre Island International Airport (Brownsville, TX)117°76° 
 KCOFPatrick Air Force Base (Cocoa Beach, FL)115°79° 
 K1R7Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport (Brookhaven, MS)115°82° 
 KTIXSpace Coast Regional Airport (Titusville, FL)113°75° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)113°78° 
 KTFPMcCampbell-Porter Airport (Ingleside, TX)113°74° 
 KBCTBoca Raton Airport (Boca Raton, FL)111°77° 
 KMKYMarco Island Airport (Naples, FL)111°77° 


Top 10 most sultry places (effective sun temperature, °F)
 KLVJPearland Regional Airport (Houston, TX)147° 
 KRBONueces County Airport (Robstown, TX)147° 
 K1R7Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport (Brookhaven, MS)145° 
 KTMEHouston Executive Airport (Houston, TX)145° 
 KCXOMontgomery County Airport (Conroe, TX)145° 
 KGKYArlington Municipal Airport (Arlington, TX)144° 
 KBQXBrazos 451 Oil Platform (Brazos 451, TX)144° 
 K96DWalhalla Municipal Airport (Walhalla, ND)142° 
 KSDLScottsdale Airport (Scottsdale, AZ)138° 
 KGYIGrayson County Airport (Sherman / Denison, TX)138° 


Top 10 most comfortable places (effective temperature, °F)
 KAUNAuburn Municipal Airport (Auburn, CA)77° 
 KDUJDu Bois-Jefferson County Airport (Du Bois, PA)77° 
 KGKJPort Meadville Airport (Meadville, PA)77° 
 KNYCCentral Park (New York City, NY)77° 
 KWHPWhiteman Airport (Los Angeles, CA)77° 
 KHFDHartford-Brainard Airport (Hartford, CT)77° 
 KLGBLong Beach Airport (Long Beach, CA)77° 
 KDAWSkyhaven Airport (Rochester, NH)77° 
 KDSVDansville Municipal Airport (Dansville, NY)77° 
 KCONConcord Municipal Airport (Concord, NH)77° 


Top 10 driest places (air humidity, %)
 KBVUBoulder City Municipal Airport (Boulder City, NV)3% 
 KMFVAccomack County Airport (Melfa, VA)3% 
 KLSVNellis Air Force Base (Las Vegas, NV)5% 
 KHNDHenderson Executive Airport (Las Vegas, NV)6% 
 KNXPMarine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center (Twentynine Palms, CA)6% 
 KINSIndian Springs Auxiliary AFLD Nellis AFB (Indian Springs, NV)6% 
 KLASMcCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV)6% 
 KMIBMinot Air Force Base (Minot, ND)6% 
 KPSPPalm Springs Regional Airport (Palm Springs, CA)7% 
 KVGTNorth Las Vegas Airport (Las Vegas, NV)8% 


Top 10 coldest places (air temperature, °F)
 PAKPAnaktuvuk Pass Airport (Anaktuvuk Pass, AK)25° 
 PADGRed Dog Airport (Red Dog Mine, AK)27° 
 PALPAlpine Airstrip (Deadhorse, AK)28° 
 PAQTNuiqsut Airport (Nuiqsut, AK)30° 
 PATQAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport (Atqasuk, AK)30° 
 PARCArctic Village Airport (Arctic Village, AK)30° 
 PAKUUgnu-Kuparuk Airport (Kuparuk, AK)30° 
 PASCDeadhorse Airport (Deadhorse, AK)31° 
 PAGHShungnak Airport (Shungnak, AK)31° 
 PAMCMcGrath Airport (McGrath, AK)32° 


Top 10 chilly places (effective temperature, °F)
 PAKPAnaktuvuk Pass Airport (Anaktuvuk Pass, AK)12° 
 PALPAlpine Airstrip (Deadhorse, AK)14° 
 PATQAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport (Atqasuk, AK)16° 
 PAKUUgnu-Kuparuk Airport (Kuparuk, AK)16° 
 PAPOPoint Hope Airport (Point Hope, AK)18° 
 PAQTNuiqsut Airport (Nuiqsut, AK)18° 
 PADGRed Dog Airport (Red Dog Mine, AK)18° 
 PABRWiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Barrow, AK)18° 
 PAGMGambell Airport (Gambell, AK)19° 
 PASCDeadhorse Airport (Deadhorse, AK)19° 


Top 10 windy places (maximum wind speed, mph)
 KRWLRawlins Municipal Airport (Rawlins, WY)23 mph 
 KMYPMonarch Pass (Salida Mountain, CO)23 mph 
 KDTADelta Municipal Airport (Delta, UT)21 mph 
 KU42South Valley Regional Airport (Salt Lake City, UT)21 mph 
 KMLFMilford Municipal Airport (Milford, UT)21 mph 
 KLVSLas Vegas Municipal Airport (Las Vegas, NM)20 mph 
 KGRICentral Nebraska Regional Airport (Grand Island, NE)20 mph 
 KWRLWorland Municipal Airport (Worland, WY)19 mph 
 KHLCHill City Municipal Airport (Hill City, KS)19 mph 
 KEVWEvanston-Uninta County Burns Field (Evanston, WY)19 mph 



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Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Zapata, TX
  • Cotulla, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Needles, CA
  • El Centro, CA
  • 103°F / 39.6°C
  • 102°F / 38.9°C
  • 100°F / 37.8°C
  • 100°F / 37.8°C
  • 100°F / 37.8°C

More info...
  • Reggane Airport (DZ)
  • Basrah (IQ)
  • Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena (AR)
  • Tres Lagoas (BR)
  • San Matias (BO)
  • 44.2°C
  • 43.8°C
  • 41.3°C
  • 41.2°C
  • 41.0°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Anaktuvuk Pass, AK
  • Red Dog Mine, AK
  • Deadhorse, AK
  • Nuiqsut, AK
  • Atqasuk, AK
  • 25°F / -4.0°C
  • 27°F / -3.0°C
  • 28°F / -2.0°C
  • 30°F / -1.0°C
  • 30°F / -1.0°C

More info...
  • Concordia (AY)
  • Dome C II (AY)
  • Vostok (AY)
  • Davis/AWS (AY)
  • Dome Fuji (AY)
  • -71.1°C
  • -70.1°C
  • -64.6°C
  • -63.3°C
  • -62.1°C

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