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Points of extreme weather in the Unites States
according to data of 2213 weather stations
(based on data for the time 20 UTC 17 April 2021)

Top 10 warmest places (air temperature, °F)
 KBCTBoca Raton Airport (Boca Raton, FL)93° 
 TJIGFernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (San Juan, PR)91° 
 TJSJLuis Munoz Marin International Airport (San Juan, PR)91° 
 KPBIPalm Beach International Airport (West Palm Beach, FL)91° 
 KTMBKendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (Miami, FL)90° 
 KFXEFort Lauderdale Executive Airport (Fort Lauderdale, FL)90° 
 KFLLFort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (Fort Lauderdale, FL)90° 
 KSUAWitham Field Airport (Stuart, FL)90° 
 KPMPPompano Beach Airpark (Pompano Beach, FL)90° 
 KTIXSpace Coast Regional Airport (Titusville, FL)90° 


Top 10 hottest places (effective temperature, °F)
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)113° 
 TJIGFernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (San Juan, PR)104° 
 TJBQRafael Hernandez Airport (Aquadilla, PR)102° 
 KPIESt. Petersburg / Clearwater International Airport (Clearwater, FL)100° 
 KHSTHomestead Air Force Base (Homestead, FL)100° 
 KPCMPlant City Municipal Airport (Plant City, FL)100° 
 KISMKissimmee Municipal Airport (Orlando, FL)100° 
 KMCFMacdill Air Force Base (Tampa, FL)100° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)100° 
 TJNRRoosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ofstie Field (Roosevelt Roads, PR)100° 


Top 10 most stuffy places (effective temperature,°F and dewpoint,°F)
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)113°81° 
 TJIGFernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (San Juan, PR)104°70° 
 TJBQRafael Hernandez Airport (Aquadilla, PR)102°73° 
 TJNRRoosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ofstie Field (Roosevelt Roads, PR)100°72° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)100°72° 
 KISMKissimmee Municipal Airport (Orlando, FL)100°69° 
 KFLLFort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (Fort Lauderdale, FL)100°67° 
 KHSTHomestead Air Force Base (Homestead, FL)100°69° 
 KPCMPlant City Municipal Airport (Plant City, FL)100°70° 
 KPIESt. Petersburg / Clearwater International Airport (Clearwater, FL)100°73° 


Top 10 most sultry places (effective sun temperature, °F)
 KGRYGreen Canyon 338 Front Runner (Front Runner, LA)138° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)127° 
 KTRMJacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (Palm Springs, CA)127° 
 TJBQRafael Hernandez Airport (Aquadilla, PR)122° 
 KF70French Valley Airport (Murrieta, CA)120° 
 KSDLScottsdale Airport (Scottsdale, AZ)120° 
 KGNVGainesville Regional Airport (Gainesville, FL)118° 
 KSEEGillespie Field Airport (El Cajon, CA)118° 
 KCQTUSC Campus Downtown (Los Angeles Dwt, CA)117° 
 KEYWKey West International Airport (Key West, FL)117° 


Top 10 most comfortable places (effective temperature, °F)
 KUKIUkiah Municipal Airport (Ukiah, CA)77° 
 KDVTPhoenix Deer Valley Airport (Phoenix, AZ)77° 
 KPHXPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix, AZ)77° 
 KGEUGlendale Municipal Airport (Glendale, AZ)77° 
 KCNOChino Airport (Chino, CA)77° 
 KGYRPhoenix Goodyear Airport (Goodyear, AZ)77° 
 KLHMLincoln Regional Airport (Lincoln, CA)77° 
 KOVEOroville Municipal Airport (Oroville, CA)77° 
 KSACSacramento Executive Airport (Sacramento, CA)77° 
 KUAOAurora State Airport (Aurora, OR)77° 


Top 10 driest places (air humidity, %)
 KAFOAfton (Afton, WY)3% 
 KTUSTucson International Airport (Tucson, AZ)6% 
 KRYNRyan Field Airport (Tuscon, AZ)6% 
 KALKPioneer Airfield (Cochise County, AZ)7% 
 KCHDChandler Municipal Airport (Chandler, AZ)8% 
 KIMTFord Airport (Kingsford, MI)8% 
 KBXKBuckeye Municipal Airport (Buckeye, AZ)9% 
 KCGZCasa Grande Municipal Airport (Casa Grande, AZ)9% 
 KFFZFalcon Field Airport (Mesa, AZ)9% 
 KSADSafford Municipal Airport (Safford, AZ)9% 


Top 10 coldest places (air temperature, °F)
 KJFZTazewell County Airport (Richlands, VA) 
 K0COBerthoud Pass Heliport (Englewood, CO)10° 
 KCPWWolf Creek Pass (Pagosa Springs, CO)12° 
 KVTPLa Veta Pass (La Veta Mountain, CO)16° 
 KMYPMonarch Pass (Salida Mountain, CO)18° 
 KCCURed Cliff Pass (Copper Mountain, CO)23° 
 PAOTRalph Wien Memorial Airport (Kotzebue, AK)23° 
 KMWNMount Washington (Mount Washington, NH)23° 
 K5SMSunlight (Sunlight, CO)23° 
 KAXXAngel Fire Airfield (Angel Fire Airfield, NM)25° 


Top 10 chilly places (effective temperature, °F)
 KJFZTazewell County Airport (Richlands, VA)-8° 
 KMYPMonarch Pass (Salida Mountain, CO)-0° 
 K0COBerthoud Pass Heliport (Englewood, CO)-0° 
 KCPWWolf Creek Pass (Pagosa Springs, CO) 
 KVTPLa Veta Pass (La Veta Mountain, CO) 
 PAOTRalph Wien Memorial Airport (Kotzebue, AK) 
 KMWNMount Washington (Mount Washington, NH) 
 PAPOPoint Hope Airport (Point Hope, AK)10° 
 PATCTin City LRRS Airport (Tin City, AK)10° 
 PAIWWales Airport (Wales, AK)12° 


Top 10 windy places (maximum wind speed, mph)
 PALUCape Lisburne LRRS Airport (Cape Lisburne, AK)29 mph 
 KHIILake Havasu City Airport (Lake Havasu City, AZ)17 mph 
 KDWXDixon Airport (Dixon, WY)17 mph 
 PAIWWales Airport (Wales, AK)15 mph 
 KBYGBuffalo Johnson County Airport (Buffalo, WY)15 mph 
 KAUSAustin-Bergstrom International Airport (Austin, TX)14 mph 
 KDRADesert Rock Airport (Mercury, NV)14 mph 
 KSAFSanta Fe County Municipal Airport (Santa Fe, NM)14 mph 
 KEEDNeedles Airport (Needles, CA)14 mph 
 KGCCGillette-Campbell County Airport (Gillette, WY)14 mph 



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Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Boca Raton, FL
  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 93°F / 34.0°C
  • 91°F / 32.8°C
  • 90°F / 32.2°C
  • 90°F / 32.2°C
  • 90°F / 32.2°C

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  • Ndjamena (TD)
  • Matam (SN)
  • Maroua (CM)
  • Kaolack (SN)
  • Am-Timan (TD)
  • 42.7°C
  • 42.3°C
  • 42.2°C
  • 42.0°C
  • 42.0°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Richlands, VA
  • Englewood, CO
  • Pagosa Springs, CO
  • La Veta Mountain, CO
  • Salida Mountain, CO
  • 5°F / -15.1°C
  • 10°F / -12.0°C
  • 12°F / -11.0°C
  • 16°F / -9.0°C
  • 18°F / -8.0°C

More info...
  • Dome Fuji (AY)
  • Davis/AWS (AY)
  • Vostok (AY)
  • Relay Station (AY)
  • Amundsen-Scott (AY)
  • -66.5°C
  • -63.0°C
  • -59.7°C
  • -56.3°C
  • -54.6°C

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