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Points of extreme weather in the Unites States
according to data of 2213 weather stations
(based on data for the time 09 UTC 31 March 2020)

Top 10 warmest places (air temperature, °F)
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)81° 
 PGSNSaipan International Airport (Saipan Island, GU)81° 
 PGUMGuam International Airport (Agana, GU)80° 
 KPMPPompano Beach Airpark (Pompano Beach, FL)80° 
 KEYWKey West International Airport (Key West, FL)79° 
 KATPGreen Canyon 787 (Atlantis, LA)79° 
 PGUAAndersen Air Force Base (Andersen, GU)78° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)78° 
 KNQXKey West Naval Air Station (Key West, FL)78° 
 PWAKWake Island Army Airfield Airport (Wake Island, GU)78° 


Top 10 hottest places (effective temperature, °F)
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)102° 
 PGSNSaipan International Airport (Saipan Island, GU)98° 
 PGUMGuam International Airport (Agana, GU)96° 
 KATPGreen Canyon 787 (Atlantis, LA)94° 
 KPMPPompano Beach Airpark (Pompano Beach, FL)94° 
 PGUAAndersen Air Force Base (Andersen, GU)92° 
 KXPYPort Fourchon (Port Fourchon, LA)92° 
 KHQIH Island376 Oil Platform (H Island376, TX)92° 
 KMDJMiss Canyon Oil Platform (Miss Canyon, LA)92° 
 KDLPWest Delta Oil Platform (West Delta, MS)92° 


Top 10 most stuffy places (effective temperature,°F and dewpoint,°F)
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)102°77° 
 PGSNSaipan International Airport (Saipan Island, GU)98°74° 
 PGUMGuam International Airport (Agana, GU)96°73° 
 KATPGreen Canyon 787 (Atlantis, LA)94°73° 
 KPMPPompano Beach Airpark (Pompano Beach, FL)94°71° 
 PGUAAndersen Air Force Base (Andersen, GU)92°72° 
 KHQIH Island376 Oil Platform (H Island376, TX)92°73° 
 KMDJMiss Canyon Oil Platform (Miss Canyon, LA)92°73° 
 KGBKMagnolia Oil Platform (Magnolia, LA)92°73° 
 KGULGunnison Oil Platform (Gunnison, TX)92°73° 


Top 10 most sultry places (effective sun temperature, °F)
 no sultry places


Top 10 most comfortable places (effective temperature, °F)
 PHTOHilo International Airport (Hilo, HI)76° 
 KTMBKendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (Miami, FL)76° 
 PHMKMolokai Airport (Kaunakakai, HI)76° 
 KZPHZephyrhills Munucipal Airport (Zephyrhills, FL)76° 
 PHBKBarking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility Airport (Kekaha, HI)76° 
 KINFInverness Airport (Inverness, FL)76° 
 KBEABeeville Municipal Airport (Beeville, TX)76° 
 KAEXAlexandria International Airport (Alexandria, LA)75° 
 KLALLakeland Linder Regional Airport (Lakeland, FL)74° 
 KTVIThomasville Regional Airport (Thomasville, GA)74° 


Top 10 driest places (air humidity, %)
 K6R6Terrel County Airport (Dryden, TX)14% 
 KRCZRockingham-Hamlet Airport (Rockingham, NC)17% 
 KPRSPresidio Lely International Airport (Presidio, TX)21% 
 KTCSTruth Or Consequences Municipal Airport (Truth Or Consequences, NM)23% 
 KFHBFernandina Beach Municipal Airport (Fernandina Beach, FL)26% 
 KECUEdwards County Airport (Rocksprings, TX)27% 
 KFSTFort Stockton-Pecos County Airport (Fort Stockton, TX)27% 
 KODOOdessa-Schlemeyer Field (Odessa, TX)27% 
 PAEHCape Newenham LRRS Airport (Cape Newenham, AK)27% 
 KBUYBurlington Alamance Regional Airport (Burlington, NC)29% 


Top 10 coldest places (air temperature, °F)
 PAEGEagle Airport (Eagle, AK)-19° 
 PAORNorthway Airport (Northway, AK)-12° 
 PAGKGulkana Airport (Gulkana, AK)-11° 
 PASCDeadhorse Airport (Deadhorse, AK)-9° 
 PABTBettles Airport (Bettles, AK)-8° 
 PFYUFort Yukon Airport (Fort Yukon, AK)-7° 
 PABABarter Island LRRS Airport (Barter Island, AK)-5° 
 PAINMcKinley National Park Airport (McKinley Park, AK)-5° 
 PAZKSkelton Airport (Eureka, AK)-5° 
 PAMCMcGrath Airport (McGrath, AK)-4° 


Top 10 chilly places (effective temperature, °F)
 PABABarter Island LRRS Airport (Barter Island, AK)-28° 
 PABRWiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Barrow, AK)-22° 
 PAZKSkelton Airport (Eureka, AK)-22° 
 PFYUFort Yukon Airport (Fort Yukon, AK)-20° 
 PAKPAnaktuvuk Pass Airport (Anaktuvuk Pass, AK)-19° 
 PAEGEagle Airport (Eagle, AK)-19° 
 PASCDeadhorse Airport (Deadhorse, AK)-18° 
 PATQAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport (Atqasuk, AK)-18° 
 PAMCMcGrath Airport (McGrath, AK)-18° 
 PAQTNuiqsut Airport (Nuiqsut, AK)-15° 


Top 10 windy places (maximum wind speed, mph)
 PALUCape Lisburne LRRS Airport (Cape Lisburne, AK)62 mph 
 KMYPMonarch Pass (Salida Mountain, CO)46 mph 
 PAIWWales Airport (Wales, AK)41 mph 
 KREORome State Airport (Rome, OR)41 mph 
 PATETeller Airport (Teller, AK)40 mph 
 PAVLKivalina Airport (Kivalina, AK)36 mph 
 PACZCape Romanzof LRRS Airport (Cape Romanzof, AK)35 mph 
 PAPOPoint Hope Airport (Point Hope, AK)35 mph 
 K33VWalden-Jackson County Airport (Walden, CO)35 mph 
 PAGHShungnak Airport (Shungnak, AK)32 mph 



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Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Pago Pago, AS
  • Saipan Island, GU
  • Pompano Beach, FL
  • Key West, FL
  • Atlantis, LA
  • 81°F / 27.3°C
  • 81°F / 27.2°C
  • 80°F / 26.7°C
  • 79°F / 26.1°C
  • 79°F / 26.0°C

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  • Chauk (MM)
  • Thoen (TH)
  • Lampang (TH)
  • Bhumibol Dam (TH)
  • Toungoo (MM)
  • 42.0°C
  • 41.8°C
  • 41.8°C
  • 41.5°C
  • 41.2°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Eagle, AK
  • Northway, AK
  • Gulkana, AK
  • Deadhorse, AK
  • Bettles, AK
  • -19°F / -28.3°C
  • -12°F / -24.4°C
  • -11°F / -23.9°C
  • -9°F / -22.8°C
  • -8°F / -22.2°C

More info...
  • Vostok (AY)
  • Davis/AWS (AY)
  • Linda (AY)
  • Amundsen-Scott (AY)
  • Dome C II (AY)
  • -61.2°C
  • -59.2°C
  • -56.9°C
  • -55.5°C
  • -55.5°C

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