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Points of extreme weather in the Unites States
according to data of 2213 weather stations
(based on data for the time 17 UTC 26 April 2018)

Top 10 warmest places (air temperature, °F)
 KTRMJacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (Palm Springs, CA)94° 
 KEEDNeedles Airport (Needles, CA)92° 
 KPSPPalm Springs Regional Airport (Palm Springs, CA)91° 
 KBLHBlythe Airport (Blythe, CA)89° 
 KIPLImperial County Airport (Imperial, CA)89° 
 KIGMKingman Airport (Kingman, AZ)88° 
 KLASMcCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV)88° 
 KPHXPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix, AZ)88° 
 KBYSBicycle Lake Army Airfield (Fort Irwin/Barstow, CA)88° 
 KNYLYuma International Airport (Yuma, AZ)87° 


Top 10 hottest places (effective temperature, °F)
 PGUMGuam International Airport (Agana, GU)112° 
 PGSNSaipan International Airport (Saipan Island, GU)106° 
 TJNRRoosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ofstie Field (Roosevelt Roads, PR)102° 
 TJBQRafael Hernandez Airport (Aquadilla, PR)102° 
 TJSJLuis Munoz Marin International Airport (San Juan, PR)99° 
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)97° 
 PGUAAndersen Air Force Base (Andersen, GU)97° 
 PWAKWake Island Army Airfield Airport (Wake Island, GU)96° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)94° 
 KEYWKey West International Airport (Key West, FL)94° 


Top 10 most stuffy places (effective temperature,°F and dewpoint,°F)
 PGUMGuam International Airport (Agana, GU)112°81° 
 PGSNSaipan International Airport (Saipan Island, GU)106°79° 
 TJNRRoosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ofstie Field (Roosevelt Roads, PR)102°79° 
 TJBQRafael Hernandez Airport (Aquadilla, PR)102°73° 
 TJSJLuis Munoz Marin International Airport (San Juan, PR)99°72° 
 NSTUPago Pago (Pago Pago, AS)97°73° 
 PGUAAndersen Air Force Base (Andersen, GU)97°75° 
 PWAKWake Island Army Airfield Airport (Wake Island, GU)96°77° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)94°67° 
 KEYWKey West International Airport (Key West, FL)94°68° 


Top 10 most sultry places (effective sun temperature, °F)
 KCZTDimmit County Airport (Carrizo Springs, TX)127° 
 KT20Gonzales Roger M. Dreyer Memorial (Gonzales, TX)125° 
 KTPFPeter O. Knight Airport (Tampa, FL)124° 
 KMTHMarathon Airport (Marathon, FL)123° 
 KSOASonora Municipal Airport (Sonora, TX)121° 
 KT35Cameron Municipal Airpark (Cameron, TX)120° 
 KAQOLlano Municipal Airport (Llano, TX)120° 
 KLRULas Cruces International Airport (Las Cruces, NM)119° 
 KCWVClaxton-Evans County Airport (Claxton, GA)119° 
 KT82Gillespie County Airport (Fredericksburg, TX)118° 


Top 10 most comfortable places (effective temperature, °F)
 KSEZSedona Airport (Sedona, AZ)77° 
 KDRTDel Rio International Airport (Del Rio, TX)77° 
 KGAOSouth Lafourche Airport (Galliano, LA)77° 
 KASJTri-County Airport (Ahoskie, NC)77° 
 KNBGNaval Air Station - Alvin Callender Field (New Orleans, LA)77° 
 KHSEMitchell Field (Hatteras, NC)77° 
 KHXDHilton Head Airport (Hilton Head Island, SC)77° 
 KBIXKeesler Air Force Base (Biloxi, MS)77° 
 KE38Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport (Alpine, TX)77° 
 KOLSNogales International Airport (Nogales, AZ)77° 


Top 10 driest places (air humidity, %)
 KJFZTazewell County Airport (Richlands, VA)5% 
 KPSOStevens Field Airport (Pagosa Springs, CO)6% 
 KEEDNeedles Airport (Needles, CA)7% 
 KINWWinslow Municipal Airport (Winslow, AZ)7% 
 KNXPMarine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center (Twentynine Palms, CA)8% 
 KSADSafford Municipal Airport (Safford, AZ)8% 
 KSAFSanta Fe County Municipal Airport (Santa Fe, NM)8% 
 KVGTNorth Las Vegas Airport (Las Vegas, NV)8% 
 KLASMcCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV)9% 
 KALKPioneer Airfield (Cochise County, AZ)9% 


Top 10 coldest places (air temperature, °F)
 PABRWiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Barrow, AK)18° 
 PAWIWainwright Airport (Wainwright, AK)21° 
 PAQTNuiqsut Airport (Nuiqsut, AK)24° 
 K0COBerthoud Pass Heliport (Englewood, CO)25° 
 PABABarter Island LRRS Airport (Barter Island, AK)25° 
 PASCDeadhorse Airport (Deadhorse, AK)27° 
 PAZKSkelton Airport (Eureka, AK)27° 
 PPIZPoint Lay LRRS Airport (Point Lay, AK)27° 
 PARCArctic Village Airport (Arctic Village, AK)28° 
 K4BMWilkerson Pass (Wilkerson Pass, CO)28° 


Top 10 chilly places (effective temperature, °F)
 PABRWiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Barrow, AK) 
 PATCTin City LRRS Airport (Tin City, AK) 
 PAIWWales Airport (Wales, AK)11° 
 PATETeller Airport (Teller, AK)11° 
 PAWIWainwright Airport (Wainwright, AK)11° 
 PASASavoonga Airport (Savoonga, AK)11° 
 PFKTBrevig Mission Airport (Brevig Mission, AK)12° 
 PAQTNuiqsut Airport (Nuiqsut, AK)13° 
 PACZCape Romanzof LRRS Airport (Cape Romanzof, AK)13° 
 PPIZPoint Lay LRRS Airport (Point Lay, AK)14° 


Top 10 windy places (maximum wind speed, mph)
 KSPDComanche National Grassland (Springfield, CO)58 mph 
 KCAOClayton Municipal Airpark (Clayton, NM)53 mph 
 KPUBPueblo Memorial Airport (Pueblo, CO)52 mph 
 KEHAElkhart-Morton County Airport (Elkhart, KS)51 mph 
 KGCKGarden City Regional Airport (Garden City, KS)49 mph 
 KGUYGuymon Municipal Airport (Guymon, OK)49 mph 
 KIMLImperial Municipal Airport (Imperial, NE)49 mph 
 KDHTDalhart Municipal Airport (Dalhart, TX)48 mph 
 KDUXMoore County Airport (Dumas, TX)48 mph 
 PAIWWales Airport (Wales, AK)46 mph 



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Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Needles, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Blythe, CA
  • Imperial, CA
  • 94°F / 34.4°C
  • 92°F / 33.3°C
  • 91°F / 33.0°C
  • 89°F / 31.7°C
  • 89°F / 31.7°C

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  • Tillabery (NE)
  • Nguigmi (NE)
  • Ati (TD)
  • Kenieba (ML)
  • Bilma (NE)
  • 42.5°C
  • 42.5°C
  • 42.4°C
  • 42.2°C
  • 41.7°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Barrow, AK
  • Wainwright, AK
  • Nuiqsut, AK
  • Englewood, CO
  • Barter Island, AK
  • 18°F / -8.0°C
  • 21°F / -6.1°C
  • 24°F / -4.4°C
  • 25°F / -4.0°C
  • 25°F / -4.0°C

More info...
  • Davis/AWS (AY)
  • Dome C II (AY)
  • Mid Point (AY)
  • Dome Plateau Eagle (AY)
  • Priestley Glacier (AY)
  • -69.1°C
  • -66.1°C
  • -52.0°C
  • -41.5°C
  • -36.2°C

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