The best weather websites contain practically all weather parameters. But not always this information helps people make the right decision about how to dress and plan a vacation or works outdoors. This is due to the fact that the weather conditions: temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, and the sun effect on feelings in complex. Depending on the air temperature wind can frostbite, refresh or hot, humidity creates a feeling of closeness or unbearably chilly, atmospheric pressure increases or diminishes the influence of other parameters of the weather. The perception of the complex effects listed under the sun is other than in the shade. The same temperature in different seasons is perceived differently. Therefore individuals assess the impact of each of these parameters on the sense of weather in general is quite difficult.

Many authors have developed various methods and complicated empirical formula to account for the effect of the wind speed, and in some cases, the feeling of humidity weather. But in these studies do not take into account some other parameters that affect the perception of the weather.

To remedial we have developed a semi-empirical formula that take into account the full range of weather conditions affecting the sense of weather. Temperature that a man dressed in accordance with the season feels, we called like many other authors - the effective temperature (Teff).

Everyone knows that under the sun is usually warmer or hotter than in the shade. The effective temperature without solar heating does not give a complete picture of the sense of the complex weather conditions. Therefore, we have also developed a method of calculating the corrections to the effective temperature with the height of the sun, the sky is covered with clouds and wind speed. We call this temperature the effective temperature in the sun (Tefs). At full cloud cover or heavy wind effective temperature in the shade and in the sun are about equal.

From the values of Teff and Tefs we can estimate the degree of comfort the weather and dress accordingly to these conditions and plan a vacation or work in the open air. But for this, one must have some experience. After all, the same temperature, including effective in different seasons, and even part of the day is perceived differently. For example, the summer temperature of 15° at night is perceived as heat, and in the afternoon, it's cold.

To facilitate people's perception of the weather, we have developed a methodology for calculating the characteristics of verbal sense of the complex weather conditions, with the advantage of term used by people in everyday life to describe the feeling of weather: very hot and stuffy, warm, comfortable temperature conditions, cool, cold, etc. Under the characteristic "comfortable temperature conditions" means weather conditions, when the effective temperature (Teff), Windchill, humidity and pressure is in the range 21°-24°. Some authors have used this feature to describe feelings weather with temperatures in the range averages. We, in these cases, the term "seasonable".

In autumn and spring, when the immune system is weakened, under certain weather conditions, the ratio of the program gives a warning: "risk of colds." With effective temperatures of the criteria adopted in the world, as dangerous to human life, to apply the terms of the warning: danger of freezing (at Teff <-30°), the risk exposure to cold, the risk of overheating (Teff> +40°) or risk of heat stroke ( Tefs> +50°). High humidity and Teff>24° are used characteristic "stuffy" and "very stuffy", and if the humidity is low, the data used "hot" and "very hot".

The last three columns in the weather tables allow the user to get information on the subjective perception of the complex weather parameters placed in the first five columns. Read as follows: cool, like at a temperature of 9°, under the sun 12°.

Top warmest places

Now USA World
  • Marathon, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Titusville, FL
  • Homestead, FL
  • Venice, FL
  • 85°F / 29.4°C
  • 85°F / 29.4°C
  • 84°F / 29.0°C
  • 84°F / 29.0°C
  • 84°F / 29.0°C

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  • Jacobabad (PK)
  • Pad Idan (PK)
  • Nawabshah (PK)
  • Sibi (PK)
  • Rohri (PK)
  • 48.0°C
  • 46.5°C
  • 46.5°C
  • 46.1°C
  • 46.0°C

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Top coldest places

Now USA World
  • Dixon, WY
  • Englewood, CO
  • Atqasuk, AK
  • Barrow, AK
  • Wilkerson Pass, CO
  • -10°F / -23.1°C
  • 19°F / -7.0°C
  • 21°F / -6.1°C
  • 21°F / -6.1°C
  • 21°F / -6.0°C

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  • Dome C II (AY)
  • Concordia (AY)
  • Amundsen-Scott (AY)
  • Vostok (AY)
  • Kohnen Ep9 (AY)
  • -65.9°C
  • -64.9°C
  • -64.6°C
  • -64.1°C
  • -52.2°C

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